Class Work

Here are some of the projects and papers I’ve worked on while at the University of Texas School of Information.

Visual Resources for Youth (Fall 2012)

Holocaust in Children’s Books

Digital Media Design (Fall 2012)

Sync and Swim App (Presentation)

Sync and Swim Write Up

Information in a Social and Cultural Context (Fall 2012)

Among the Gently Mad Review

Women’s Initiative Poster Presentation

Youth Materials (Spring 2013)

Joining Forces-English Language Foreign Young Adult Books Published in the US

School Library Management (Spring 2013)

AASL Innovative Reading Grant Proposal

Bluebonnet Elementary 5 Year Plan

Understanding Research (Spring 2013)

Graphic Novels v. Original Texts-A Comparison Study in High School Students (Research Proposal)

Descriptive Cataloging and Metadata (Summer 2013)

Is Dewey Dead? Alternatives to DDC

Cedar Park Public Library (Summer 2013)

Once Upon a Crime (Young Adult Readers Advisory Poster)

Once Upon a Crime Bookmark

Introduction to Information Resources and Services (Fall 2013)

Mental Health Resources Website

Children’s Materials (Fall 2013) 

Deaf Characters in Children’s Literature (Poster)

Deaf Characters in Children’s Literature Handout

Ancient and Modern Olympic Games Bibliography

More to come as I complete more semesters!

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