The Iron Fey Series — Julie Kagawa


Harlequin Teen, 2010

The Iron Fey series follows Meghan Chase, a seemingly average teenage girl…that is until she discovers she is the daughter of King Oberon of the Seelie Court. Her younger brother Ethan is taken by the Iron King, a new kind of fey that is destroying the Nevernever in order to lure Meghan into the world of the Fey. It is up to Meghan to defeat the Iron King, save her younger brother. With the help of her best friend, Puck and Prince Ash of the Unseelie Court, Meghan will find her own powerful destiny.


Review: I was given The Iron King for Christmas by one of my best friends (check out her amazing blog: Life’s A Storm here). I tore through all 6 books in less than two weeks. (I’ll post about The Lost Prince and The Iron Traitor in another post.)

Julie Kagawa knows how to write a fast-paced and compelling novel. The first three books in the series were well written. I didn’t know much about the ancient stories of the Fey before I started reading but I never felt lost in all of the lingo that Kawaga incorporated into the story. She built the faery world well and kept the rules throughout the series.

I liked Meghan as a main character. She was spunky and stubborn, but didn’t come into the Nevernever innately knowing how to fight and everything about the world. I found this very refreshing. She had to slowly learn and was realistic about her limitations.

The Iron QueenMeghan’s character arc and development all felt very real and her struggle to come into her own was heart-wrenching at times, but you, as the reader, were always on her side.

One thing I really appreciated in this series is the love triangle. The love triangle between Megan, Robin Goodfellow (Puck), and Prince Ash was a part of the storyline, but it was never the main plot line. I also liked that Kawaga didn’t draw the love triangle out to all of the books. It felt more realistic to me that Megan didn’t waffle between her choices for hundreds of pages.

While the first three books in the series were wonderful, The Iron Knight was my least favorite of the series. It was by far the weakest of the series. It follows Ash on one of his quests. The book felt rushed and it took a completely different turn from the rest of the series.


I am tempted to lump it in with The Call of the Forgotten Series. The Iron Knight sets up for the new series. Because it is a bridge novel, it was trying to do too much. I think it would have been better to flush out different parts of the book and release it as its own series.

I definitely recommend this series to anyone who is interested the paranormal  or fantasy genre. This series is a unique take on old stories and breathed new life into old characters.  It’s a quick read, but be careful once you start the first book, it’s hard not to hole up and read the entire series in one sitting. 

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