Reboot – Amy Tintera (September Book Club)

PicMonkey Sample`HarperTeen, 2013

5 years ago, Wren was shot in the chest and died. 178 minutes later, she woke up as a Reboot. She is now faster, stronger, able to heal herself in minutes and is almost completely without emotions. Now there’s a Newbie, Callum who is a 22 and Wren takes him on to train. He’s terrible, he’s slow, and asks questions. When Callum finally refuses to take an order, Wren is forced to chose to between saving him and giving up the only safe life she has known.


My Review: I liked Reboot, I thought it was an really interesting concept, but I wish there had been some parts of the world building that had been more flushed out. I’m hoping that Reboot #2 will do this and give the reader more of a back story to how the Reboots came to be and what happened to the government. I also want to know why there is a New Dallas, but not a New Austin even though it’s not the same city as the Austin I live in now.

One other problem I had with Reboot was the romance between Callum and Wren. Although, I liked them together, I feel that the overly callous, strong, emotionless girl who finds the right sensitive boy to bring her out of her shell has been a bit over done recently. More than anything else, Reboot reminded me of Legend by Marie Lu. I felt like there needed to be more time for Wren to be able to fall in love if she was the hardhearted person Tintera portrays her as in the first 50 pages.

The ending also had issues for me. Without giving anything away, I felt that it was wrapped up too nicely for it to be realistic with the society and characters Tintera had built. I understand that people had to survive for there to be a second book, but it would have been nice to encounter some difficultly during the climax of the novel.

Minus those problems for me, I enjoyed reading Reboot. It was an easy, quick read that kept me entertained for a few hours. I think it would be good to recommend to people looking for read-alikes to The Hunger Games or Legend series.

Book Club Discussion: Most of the people who came to our book club at the Oasis on Lake Travis had much of the same feeling that I had about the novel, although some were much harsher on the book than I was.

One of the interesting things that was brought up was the shower scenes. The Reboots were all on birth control and shower time was the only time the HARC didn’t observe them, which led to lots of sexy shower times. Not that there were many specific scene. Wren didn’t take part in sexy shower time because she was insecure about her body. However, Tintera does describe what happens between other Reboots.  I didn’t really think much about this while I was reading. But some of our members were concerned about easy sex was portrayed and that it didn’t have any consequences or even any talk about safe sex except for the one mention of being forced on birth control.

This situation brought up an issue with Callum in relation to Wren. After Wren and Callum have their first special sexy times moment, Wren asked about Callum’s time in the shower. He responded with something to the extent of, “Well everyone thought I was yours so they left me alone.” This is not exactly what a girl wants to hear after loosing her virginity. It seemed a little cold and out of place for Callum, like all of the sudden he wanted to be a bit tougher than he actually was.

All in all, I think the majority of the people in book club enjoyed the book but were not exceptionally blown away by it, which is how I felt as well.


Look for my review and the discussion of next month’s book club pick: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, which is about Hadley Hemingway. I’m looking forward to reading an adult fiction novel for the first time in a couple of months.

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