Spirit and Dust – Rosemary Clement-Moore

Delacorte, 2013


Daisy Goodnight can speak to the dead…and she’s actually really good at it. Usually she uses her powers to help solve cold cases for the FBI but this time she is called into help with a murder/kidnapping in Minnesota. The spirits are scared and when Daisy is kidnapped by a crime boss with no hesitation about using magic to bind Daisy to his will – things start to get dangerous

Review: Think Medium meets Indiana Jones with a bit of  The Mummy thrown in and you get Spirit and Dust. Daisy Goodnight is a great character. She was one of the most fun characters that I read in a while. She never got on my nerves. Daisy’s spunky, sassy and always has something to say. She was fun and full of contradictions. I think one of the reasons why I liked her so much is she had the personality I wanted in high school. I loved her interactions with the her FBI agent, who calls her jail bait and the mob kidnapper, who I might be a bit in fictional love with.

Besides the awesomeness that is Daisy Goodnight. I liked the mystery, which is something I’ve been really into lately. With Spirit and Dust, I didn’t see the ending coming at all. Maybe I’m not as close of a reader as I thought. The Morgue and Me took me completely by surprise and I think I should have seen the clues to that one sooner. I liked that the mystery incorporated some history and mythology. I’ve heard complaints that Spirit and Dust is slow to start, but I didn’t have that problem. I liked the characters enough to not mind that the action didn’t start late. I actually didn’t notice the action started late until I read other reviews.

Spirit and Dust a delightful and easy read. I can’t wait to get to meet Rosemary Clement-Moore at the Austin Teen Book Festival on September 28th! I met her at TLA Annual Conference and she was a blast to talk to when she signed my books.

**I read an Advanced Reader’s Copy. Thank you to Delacorte to providing me with a copy at TLA Annual Conference**

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