The Bitter Kingdom – Rae Carson

Greenwillow Books, 2013


Elisa is a fugitive in her own country, which is on the brink of civil war. Her enemies have stolen Hector, the man she loves in order to lure her into their country. Elisa and her companions travel into the unknown enemy territory. She faces even more hardships and discover things about herself that will change the course of history and become a champion for those who have despised her and everything she stands for.

Review: The Bitter Kingdom was everything I could have wanted for an end this series! It was perfection! I feel that this review might end up being more gushing with love than actual review. Elisa is a brilliant character. Over the course of the three books, she really comes into her own. Her character development drives the books. She starts the first book as a scared, insecure child and ends in The Bitter Kingdom as her own person and a powerful, compassionate Queen.

Carson does a wonderful job continuing her world building in The Bitter Kingdom. She introduces  the scenes of a new country and the details she includes make you feel like you’re right there with Elisa and company. The action never stops in this book, even when there were large portions spent just traveling, something is always going on. It made the book seem much shorter than the 400 plus pages it actually is. I’m pretty sure I finished the book in about 5 hours.

I can’t really talk about this series without some major love for Hector (talk about swoony). Hector is perfection! He not a bad boy (which I love about him): he’s loyal, protective, handsome, patient, smart and so many other things. His relationship with Elisa is one of my favorites in YA lit right now.

More than anything else, Carson makes you feel throughout the entire series about all the characters, not just Elisa and Hector. She sucks you in and makes you laugh and cry. Basically, GO READ THEM!

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