All Our Yesterdays (Cassandra Chronicles Book 1) — Cristin Terrill

Disney Hyperion, Out September 3, 2013

*Contains Mild Spoilers*


Em has tried everything to save the world from the time machine that tore the world apart. Now there is only one thing left to do: kill him.

Marina has always loved her best friend James. But on the night that his life falls apart, and all of her hope of being together with it, Marina finds out someone is trying to kill James. She will stop at nothing to protect him, even if it means opening her eyes to a terrible truth that will change everything.

Review: All Our Yesterdays is wonderful. I sat down and read the entire thing in a sitting. This is time travel done well. The book starts with a mystery, continues with action, that doesn’t let up through the entire book. All Our Yesterdays is well over 300 pages, but it doesn’t feel that long. The pacing is well done and never lets the reader get bored.

It was written in alternating points of view from Em and Marina. **Spoiler Alter**  Em is the future and Marina is the past of the same person. The story centers around 3 characters, Marina, James and Finn, in their past and future lives. Reading the 6 people interact with each other was fascinating. It really made me think. I thought it was brilliantly done to have Marina and Em tell the story from the same but different point of view. Their voices were different enough to make it interesting but similar enough that you could buy that they are the same person.

I found the science in the book relatively easy to grasp. There were a few times that it went over my head, but it wasn’t enough to distract from the plot. I actually liked that some of it was over my head. It made the science fiction more believable to me, because I don’t expect to understand really complicated science. Cristin Terrill did an amazing job tying everything together. Her writing style was straightforward and simple.

If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like about All Our Yesterdays, it would have to be how the female supporting characters are treated. Em and Marina are the only women who do anything of importance. The other women in the novel are very stereotypical, especially Marina’s maid.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is different from the other dystopian books that are on the shelves right now. I think it will appeal to avid sci-fi readers and those who are new to the genre alike. Since Cristin Terrill’s debut novel blew me away, I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

**I read an advanced readers copy of this book. Thank you to Disney Hyperion for providing me with a copy at TLA.**

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