The Infinite Moment of Us — Lauren Myracle

Amulet Books, Out August 20, 2013

17290266Wren has always done exactly what her parents wanted and before now, what her parents wanted and what she wanted overlapped…but not so much anymore. The summer after her senior year of high school and Wren finally decides to do what SHE wants.

Charlie has always known what he wanted. He has been in love with Wren since the first day he saw her. However, he believes that she would never fall for a guy like him.

Once the summer after high school starts, Wren and Charlie begin to fall in love and endure all the trials and tribulations of first love.

Review: I’ve only read the TTYL series by Lauren Myracle beforewhich I read in high school. I loved it when I read it, but I haven’t gone back a reread the series since then. Because of that I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Infinite Moment of Us. It was a beautiful book. It’s written in alternating perspectives from Wren and Charlie in third person, which seems to be a popular style in YA right now. The writing is gorgeous to read. Even the parts that were supposed to be funny and relieve the tension of a serious plot were pretty to read.

Wren and Charlie were believable characters. Wren had no experience with boys or relationships before Charlie and Charlie never had anything that was based on real emotions before. When they get together, everything happened quickly and became intense almost immediately. They fell hard and fast, which sometimes can annoy me, but here it worked because they had been watching each other from afar for awhile (which didn’t come off a creepy when you read it, I promise). They were idealistic and wanted more for themselves and each other. There love story was engaging and real. At times I was so caught up in the swoony-ness of them and other times I wanted to throttle Wren, Charlie or both of them! I liked how sex was handled in the book. It wasn’t trivialized or sensationalized. It was steamy, but done well. Myracle made sex part of evolution of Wren and Charlie’s relationship and was not thrown in for kicks or to send any kind of message.

Even thought it was a beautiful book, I had two problems with The Infinite Moment of Us. The character of Starrla, who was Charlie’s previous psuedo-girlfriend. Her character seemed overdone and her part in the climax of the novel was a bit too crazy and out there to fit in with the rest of the novel. I also had a problem with the ending. It was a let down after the beautiful love story that came before it. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but after the realness of Wren and Charlie’s relationship, the ending seemed way too fairytale. Unfortunately, the ending soured the rest of the book for me. With that being said, I think it will be a popular title and there will a big audience for this book.

**Thank you to Amulet Books for providing me a copy via Netgalley.**

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