The Summer I Became a Nerd — Leah Rae Miller

Entangled Teen, May 2013


Maddie is a seemingly normal girl. She’s a cheerleader and part of the popular crowd at her high school. However, she’s has a secret. She LOVES comic books and sci-fi and all things nerdy. Her perfectly constructed persona starts to crumble when she meets Logan, whose parents own the local comic book shop. She falls in love with his world of comics, live action role playing and eventually, falling into love with the Logan himself.

Review: The Summer I Became a Nerd is a super light, fluffy, fun read. It reads really quickly. I read it in an afternoon. I think it’s a perfect beach/vacation read (which is exactly when I read it, while on vacation in Vancouver). What I loved most about The Summer I became a Nerd is the nerd culture that was wrapped up in it. I didn’t understand most of it, not being the kind of nerd that reads comics and enjoys live action role playing games, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the novel. Miller weaves in nerd culture through Maddie eyes as she gets to explore the world she loves for the first time as she learns to become true to herself. I also loved how Miller used a nerd boy for this book. I love me some nerd boy. I feel that it’s underrated in YA lit. The bad boys are much more being prominent right now, or at least in the YA that I’ve been reading recently. Logan was, as Maddie puts it, “adorkable” and I feel in love with him right from the get go.

Sometimes, I felt that Maddie’s paranoia about people finding out she loves comics books was a bit over done. However, I liked that Miller used a pivotal moment in Maddie’s life (apparently cosplay is not the way to go at a Halloween costume competition) to define her cheerleader coverup. Maddie’s struggle, even though at times superficial is just real enough. I liked that Maddie discovered that she can be who she wants and not who people expect her to be.

Yes, The Summer I Became a Nerd was fluff, but sometimes that is exactly what you need.  I am unashamed of my nerdiness and how much I enjoyed this book.

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