The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, and The Dragon Heir — Chinda Williams Chima

warrior heir cover full WzHeir_Cover_640 DH_cover_640

Because I read the first three books in the Heir Chronicles in the course of a week, I felt that it would be easier for me to write a review of all of them together instead of three separate blog posts. I’ll have a separate post for the The Enchanter Heir which comes out in October.

The Heir Chronicles are set in present day with a magical society living unnoticed by normal humans. There are wizards, enchanters, warriors, sorcerers and seers. Wizards have the  most power in this society. The Warrior Heir starts the series and upends the traditions, this power struggle continues in the next two books coming to a head in The Dragon Heir. 

As I’ve come to expect from Chima’s writing, The Heir Chronicles, are spectacularly written and have excellent character development. I always finish her books feeling like I know the characters personally. After finishing The Warrior Heir, I was in love with Jack. He has some serious literary hotness (not quite as much as Han from The Seven Realms Series, but still an large amount). The Wizard Heir starts slow and has a completely new set of characters, which is a bit startling when what I wanted was to read more about Jack and Ellen’s relationship. However, I soon came to love Seph and the characters in The Wizard Heir. The Dragon Heir picks up pretty much right where The Wizard Heir leaves off.

In addition to the awesome characterization that The Heir Chronicles displays, the action is riveting. There is almost constant action. When there isn’t any action, there is enough drama with the characters or the power struggle between the wizards and the anawizard weir that the lack of action does not inhibit the story. Basically what I’m saying is, “Go read this awesome modern fantasy series!”

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