Matched — Ally Condie

matchedCassia has always followed the Society’s rules. She has trusted them to make decisions for her. Everyone in the Society is matched with their perfect mate when they are 17. Cassia attends her Matching Ceremony on her birthday and is matched with her best friend Xander, she knows that he is her ideal mate. However, Ky’s face flashes on her port screen, she is starts to wonder about him. As Ky and Cassia are thrown together, they begin to fall in love and Cassia must decide what is worth fighting for in a Society that promises perfection without a choice.

I didn’t have high hopes to begin with when I started this book. I had multiple friends tell me they did not like it. However, it was on the iPod of audiobooks my friend gave me so I decided to give it a listen. I did not like Matched at all. It was trite and had very few, if any redeeming qualities. In my opinion, Condie showed very few good qualities of women in Cassia. It was insulting at how stereotypical Cassia is throughout the novel.  She is happy to get to be matched with her best friend, who is of course gorgeous and very other girl wishes that she could be matched with him. That is not enough though. She has to want Ky as well. It is a typical love triangle that happens in so many young adult novels, but instead being just part of the plot, that IS the plot. It was 8 hours of Cassia deciding who to love. It got very old, very quickly. I needed more from Cassia as a character if the book was only going to be about how she felt. Her thoughts were repetitive and she usually felt like a two dimensional character. Finally by the end of Matched, the reader was getting to see how the society is cracking, which was most exciting part of the entire book, but it was too little too late. All in all, the entire book felt like a poorly done Divergent.

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