Heist Society — Ally Carter

Kat has turned her back on the family business. In order to leave the world of thieving, she has conned her way into a boarding school, but events in her old life have brought her back into the business. In order to save her father, Kat and her ‘crew’ must re-steal five paintings from the Henley, one of the worlds most protected museums and they must do it in six days.

This was SUCH A FUN book to read! I have been in the middle of reading a memoir about swimming (review to come soon) which was pretty heavy for me as a former competitive swimmer. Heist Society was exactly what I needed. It has a fantastical plot and is very witty. Carter has a wonderful sense of humor throughout this book. One of my favorite quotes is:

“Dancing. Come on. You can do it. It’s a lot like navigating through a laser grid. It requires rhythm.”

Lines like that abound throughout the novel. The plot is moves quickly and the chapters are delineated a count down to the day when she needs to have the paintings by. The humor helps to offset the serious themes in the book and keeps it up beat. Kat’s love for her father and what she is willing to do for family is incredible. Even though she doesn’t approve of the life style anymore, but is still willing to make family the most important part of her life makes this novel deeper than you would originally think. Kat’s relationship with her father is reversed. At times it seems as though she is the parent. Her dad is someone who is carefree and doesn’t think much about people around him, whereas once Kat comes back from boarding school, she is very aware of how her actions affect other people, especially the people she cares about.

Heist Society has been one of my favorite reads this summer. Usually, I don’t like plots that are too crazy set in present day. The idea of 7 teenagers being able to steal paintings from a renowned art museum is a bit farfetched. I am much more likely to enjoy something set in a fantasy or dystopian world. However, I loved Heist Society and I highly recommend it. (And really, how can anyone resist that awesome cover? I want sunglasses like that.)

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