Scarlet — Marissa Meyer

Feiwel and Friends, 2013


I always have a hard time reviewing second books in a series, especially ones that I really enjoyed. If I liked the first one and the author didn’t screw up, I never feel like I have much to say on the matter. Because of that, this might be an odd review.

Scarlet is the sequel to Cinder. In this novel, the reader gets to see what happens to Cinder after she is put in prison to await execution by the hands the Lunar Queen. Instead of it just being from Cinder’s point of view, we are introduced to Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood) in alternating points of view, which I really enjoyed. It let me get to know Scarlet without Cinder’s perspective of her getting in the way. It took most of the book for the two girls to meet. This book gives more of a backstory to how Cinder survived the fire and how she came to live with her stepmother. Scarlet also ties into how Cinder comes to live with her family. In addition to bringing in another fairy tale character, Scarlet shows more of the dystopian world at large. Scarlet lives in a small town in France. It was really interesting to compare the two different futuristic countries. Meyer does a wonderful job building Wolf (the big bad wolf and someone who has been genetically modified) into a complex and unique character. She uses the big bad wolf story and the werewolf myth and turns it into something completely new, just like she did with Cinder and developing her as a cyborg. One of the best features about Scarlet is its pacing. The book read quickly. Even though there is important world building and plot points that Meyer needs to tell the reader, she doesn’t let that weigh the story down. Scarlet is 452 pages and I wish it was longer. I still want to know more! I can’t wait for the next book in the series. If you liked Cinder, you will not be disappointed with Scarlet.

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