Prodigy — Marie Lu

Lu, Marie. Prodigy. Putnam Juvenile, 2013. 371p. Grades 6-12. Dystopian. (YALSA BFYA Nomination 2013).


The second in the Legend trilogy, Day and June team up to uncover more secrets of the Republic. In doing so they join the Patriots to get Day medicine. In order to do they, June had to agree to assassinate the Elector, who died before this could be completed. His son, Anden took his place and June decides not to assassinate him. June and Day finally make it to the Colonies and uncover more secrets.

Review: While still a fluff novel, Prodigy has more depth to it than Legend. More of the world building that was not fully explained in the first novel is developed. It was nice to understand how the Republic came to be and how the outside world perceives the Republic, including the colonies. It was also interesting to see how June’s father and mother died and what actually happened with her brother. Understanding June’s backstory gives more insight to her behavior in Legend and makes you understand her behavior after her brother dies, which was a problem I had with Legend.

You also learn more about her brother. It was interesting to find out that her brother was gay and that colored his relationship with Thomas, who was the one who killed him in the end. After finding this out, June is able to understand her brother. Her brother leaves June messages that she is able to decipher and figure out how the Republic formed and what that has to do with her parents’ death. You really get to see that June’s parents and Day’s parents were working on the same side on different economic levels.

June and Day’s relationship is tested in this Prodigy. What I really enjoyed about Legend was the lack of a traditional love triangle, however Tess develops feelings for Day, leaving Day confused and testing his trust in June. Especially because Tess joined the Patriots, who have ulterior motives that June can see, but Day cannot. After thwarting the Patriots, the biggest bomb of all is dropped, you find out Day is going to die. Which is exactly where Lu ends the novel. This ending definitely made it a second novel in a series and makes the reader wait with baited breath for the next one.

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