Of Triton — Anna Banks

Feiwel & Friends, Out May 28th, 2013

*Contains Spoilers*

of triton

Of Triton is a the sequel to Of Poseidon. It is about a teenage girl Emma recently found out that her mother, is a long lost Poseidon princess, which means that Emma is half human and half Syrena (mermaid). In addition to being a half-breed, Emma also has the Gift of Poseidon, which means she can speak to sea creatures.  In the previous book Emma had fallen in love with Galen, a Triton prince who wants to bring Emma’s mother and his older brother together. Of Triton starts with Emma’s mother ‘kidnapping’ her and trying to avoid being caught by Galen. However, as action ensues Emma, Galen, her mother and their friends are all tested. Emma must decide what advice to follow and how to create her own life separate from her mother and Syrena life.

If you are looking for a fluffy beach read, this is your book! Of Triton is kind of ridiculous.  All of the events in the book seem outrageous. You can’t believe all of this is happening: of course she is a long lost princess, of course she has the gift people have been waiting generations for, of course she falls in love with a mermaid prince, how could she not? With that being said though, I really enjoyed the book. It was exactly what I wanted. It was light, fun and engaging. Even though the characters are all over the top (Emma) and a bit too perfect (Galen), I liked reading about them and became invested in their future. The plot twist in the middle took me by surprise, which was in and of itself surprising. It was a really quick read. I finished the book in about 3 hours, definitely a good book to read poolside in the summer.

**I read an advanced reader’s edition of this book.**

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